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screwed up & chopped & slowed down
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December 2012
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Marisol [userpic]

Justin Timberlake and a Screwed and Chopped song.... interesting, but very good...

How does everyone else feel? Sometimes I miss the days before they blew up, before Swisha House went major. It was tight being able to rep them like that's MY shit... And now everyone knows about it and doesn't even GET it


check game i just moved illinois for school an shit an when i talk 2 someone they alwayz ask where i'm from cuz i dont talk like i'm from here an i tell them texas then they ask whats up with the screw stuff down there an i say everything in texas moves at a slower speed we ride slow so we listen to our music screwed i got a few people jumping on in it so texas is going world wide and on the justin timberlake deal i give the man some points for trying to get up with the screw feel he's gotta a song with 3-6 mafia its iight but only cuz 3-6 does they thing check it out