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screwed up & chopped & slowed down
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December 2012
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Marisol [userpic]

Justin Timberlake and a Screwed and Chopped song.... interesting, but very good...

How does everyone else feel? Sometimes I miss the days before they blew up, before Swisha House went major. It was tight being able to rep them like that's MY shit... And now everyone knows about it and doesn't even GET it


Swisha house has come a long way. Lets not forget the originators though. DJ screw was where it all started. Lil Flip was one of the originals. Michael Watts was an after product but you can't front on Swisha house because they have always brought out some good cuts. I always liked the local feeling I got from screw. Swisha house was like 15 min from my house. Now its all over the place and they are just doing more and more music. I'll always be a fan of the screwed and chopped freestyles though. Everyone knows that J Timberlake can't freestyle. He's limp.