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screwed up & chopped & slowed down
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exsrl920 [userpic]

smokin an i'm chokin, coughin tryin to clear my throat, cleared the chamber.
as i cough and i rise, the smoke flies and my eyes glaze white to crimson
tryin to clear my head gotta get my mind aligned
got a grip of Purple Oil mudded up, popped the seal on the 4
guzzled without even pourin up.
first chore?
1. gettin thrown-n-blown
like a kite in a high wind zone
smokin an i'm chokin
"freedom chosen..."
words unspoken
if informa says one thing i swear i'll swing
a smokin lamp at their forehead, then lite a menthol an spit on the unconscious
disrespectin how i live mine, i pay taxes fo this shit?
i won't ask you for a dime (laughs) ( "an 1/8?" )
broke as smoke
pride unrevoked
proved my anger so i spat n then satiated my synapses with another rip.
sweat drips
i'm so...
h i
i plateau (3rd)
fall back out the sky straight fly like a zipper (laughs, "503?")
health hazard like a tripper
enhanced an hot n ready libido of a stripper
(i n h a l e )
cash it
x 2

(this inspired by the first amendment, (c)2011* A.M.I.(r) Aspiring Minds Inquire/S. Williamson
all rights reserved.

HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!

Chopped and Stewed



treasuresex [userpic]

[Intro Form]
[Name]: Chuckie
[How I heard about slowed music]: I grew up around it
[Fave Screwed song]: Cool Enough - SPM
[Favorite Lyrics]: "the end of my necklace\Say Dopehouse Records, Screwston, Texas" -"I Must Be High" SPM
[Anything else]: Nope

Marisol [userpic]

Justin Timberlake and a Screwed and Chopped song.... interesting, but very good...

How does everyone else feel? Sometimes I miss the days before they blew up, before Swisha House went major. It was tight being able to rep them like that's MY shit... And now everyone knows about it and doesn't even GET it

Marisol [userpic]

Marisol [userpic]

hey i want to bring this community back to life

the south is on the map
so is screwed n chopped

they got videos on mtv and everythang

so now this community should be POPPIN
not dying...

promote it if u can
or jus... do something
smoke something, bitch... lol

BG,aka,B-Geezy,aka Detroit (gotta love college) [userpic]

Here yall go

Kanye_West-Late_Registration_Screwed_And_Chopped_By _Faygo-2006


Lacy [userpic]

oh and by the wya i love the layout!
its really tyte!:D

Lacy [userpic]

hey ya'll i jsu joined this
my bf is in jail and he wants me to dl sum good chopped and screwed music
could cumone name me a few song yall like?

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