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s l o w e d music

major with out a major deal

screwed up & chopped & slowed down
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* This community is open to anyone. Especially people who undertand slowed music, like screwed up and Chopped music, are down for DJ Screw still or rep Swisha House. Fans of any other involved artists are welcome as well. And if you don't know what this kinda music is, your missin' out so join and enjoy. *

…Speaking of facts and the truth, what you know about DJ Screw? You listen to what some people call screw, but how big of a fan are you? Screw must have been the truth, I never heard nobody slam The Screw, not the music, but the man. How respected of a man are you? Every time they speak about Screw, they always will mention love. I ain’t gonna lie, my side of town ain’t seen nothing like that, cuz. The niggas that I remember are gone, and the reason might be because- well I could sit here and point fingers, but who the hell am I to judge? I ain’t here to try to ruffle anybody’s feathers. And honestly, I just love music. I couldn’t care less which DJ is better. Yeah I said it, it’s whatever. Rest in peace to the homies; Fat Pat, DJ Screw, Big Mellow and Big Steve. Shoutout the the OG’s that paved the way before me; Scareface, ESG, Jay Prince, Bun B, oh I could go on forever, Bushwick, Pimp C, matter of fact let’s just keep it simple; the whole S.U.C. And to make a long story short, I admire Screw’s meaning. Coz not one person ever said ‘greed’, ‘envy’, or ‘cheating’. You ain’t never heard a Screwed Up Clik member say they were leaving. It wasn’t bout the music, it was love. And there’s gotta be a reason. ~Chamillionare

"Down South, we swang wide, we grip grain, we ride buck high" -Archie Lee

"I'm screwed up, so no wonder things are in slower motion" -Ludacris

"Drugs don't effect my work, I still get my grind on" -Lil' Flip

"Uhhh, now what y'all know bout them Texas boys, comin down in candy toys, smokin weed and talkin noise" - Pimp C

"Screwed up Texas, we drive reckless and then we peel out" -Lil' Flip

"Big swangas and vouges, dem 20 inches sittin low, we ball 24/7's all that we know. Screens and neon lights gone show when my trunk unlock pop and show ya already know, paint dripping off the door. Not engaged wit no lady, fall in love wit em no. You may think I'm crazy, never knew this type of love before. I'm in love wit my foriegn, yes I'm married to my dough, I'm in love wit my money." -Chamillionaire

[Intro Form]
Moderator [Name]: Marisol, babybluetruca.
[How I heard about slowed music]: When I moved to Texas I started hearin it and it interested me right away, however I don't think I truely loved it like I do now until I heard it while high.
[Fave Screwed song]? Ahh.. There are to many... right now I'm addicted to "Still Tippin'".
[Favorite Lyrics]: Umm my quotes are up there.
[Anything else]? Ask and I shall tell!