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screwed up & chopped & slowed down
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Marisol [userpic]


First note of buisness...
I am going to do a new layout or make some new icons for this community. Any ideas? What do you want on here, cars, rappers, who, what? Let me know anything you think would be good, even if its just your fave color or font.

I need somebody to send me David Banner Misssissippi: Chopped and Screwed PULEAZ

download screw music from london: http://www.myspace.com/screwpy

uk mcs freestyle on still tippin - check out the jammer track

W.I.D.P.I.M.W.S.G. [userpic]

[Intro Form]
[Name]: George, insolence624.
[How I heard about slowed music]: Through the internet, on AHH Ill Community & by once downloading a strangely sounding Lil' Wayne album lol
[Fave Screwed song]: That would be Anthony Hamilton - Comin From Where I'm From
[Favorite Lyrics]: 'back then hoes didn't want me, now I'm hot hoes all on me' - damn, this line never leaves me lol
[Anything else]: I rep Moscow, Russia, not too many s&c fans here tho

Ok, so I got a question. I been on Youngloodz shit recently and so started wondering if they ever been chopped officially or maybe some of y'all ever chopped their music? I think that'd sound pretty dope.

Spencer "Dewy" Almond [userpic]

check out my chopped and slowed songs on my myspace site
it has been quite a hit
give a comment to what you think...


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Hearts In Exile [userpic]

hi all, i'm new to the community. my friend james has been screwing a lot of songs lately, and he's becoming pretty damn good at it. one of the best songs he's done so far is C-BO - "Murder That He Writt."

it's definitely worth checking out, so i uploaded it for you guys. criticizm is welcome, and i'll let him know what you guys think of it.



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Marisol [userpic]

I love the screwed chorus in Z-Ro's "From da South" song! I really hope other people start to do this because it sounds hot and I don't care if they are copying him. But, I do think it is kinda shitty that Flip is dissing on other southern rappers, especially with a throw away verse. I mean, it looks worse on him... like he's jelous other people blew up, but he has to recycle versus. Oh well. What do you guys think? Oh, and who's next? Some say Chamillionare, others say Paul Wall, any opinions?

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[Name]: Q

[How I heard about slowed music]: I think it was about 1999. I was in 10th grade. I just moved to San Antonio. I didn't like rap until I heard that shit chopped up and screwed. It changed my life. A kid in my class gave me a DJ Screw mixtape...and here I am now.

[Fave Screwed song]? Damn...that's a lot to choose from...I think it would be SPM's "Riddla On The Roof" C&S.

[Favorite Lyrics]: "Gold diggers get pennies. Many hoes don't get any. She a stripper...I'm a tip her wit a counterfeit twenty."-Chamillionaire "Play Dirty"...

"Future?, nah cuz I won't let you have next. I bet he e-mail me and try to send me internet threats. Go and pop some damn X, go and pop some Xanax. Do something better with ya life and go and have some hand sex." Chamillionaire "You Got Wrecked"

[Anything else]? Ask me.

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DiRtY [userpic]



Did these myself lemme know what yall think of those.

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Whats goin on you guys?!? Im new to this Community, so here are some thangs bout me Im:
♥ on the Nawf Cyde of Houston, I moved here back in September of 1995 & been here every since
♥ feeling that new Mike Jones CD and Paul Wall CD.
♥ fav. Swisha house CD is "Chop 'em up 4"
♥ Im 19, (20 on Sept 29)
♥ I speak my mind..dont bite my tongue cause dammit it hurts! So if you get offended...too damn bad!
♥ I use to hit up Coco Loco & 8 Mile (back when they were hot)
♥ Fav screwed up lyrics-
~*~ "Back back back back AB on da track Conac on my lap pullin shoes off da rack!"
~*~ "Crack in the kitchen, these boys on a mission"
Any ways if you feel me then get at me, playa

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Marisol [userpic]

I know this is wierd... but hey I am going to Paradox tonight to see SUC and I need some people to go with... so HOLLA if you are interested
(my friend who I was gonna go with ended up in the hospital today!)

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