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screwed up & chopped & slowed down
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December 2012
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exsrl920 [userpic]
Mary Wants Ta

smokin an i'm chokin, coughin tryin to clear my throat, cleared the chamber.
as i cough and i rise, the smoke flies and my eyes glaze white to crimson
tryin to clear my head gotta get my mind aligned
got a grip of Purple Oil mudded up, popped the seal on the 4
guzzled without even pourin up.
first chore?
1. gettin thrown-n-blown
like a kite in a high wind zone
smokin an i'm chokin
"freedom chosen..."
words unspoken
if informa says one thing i swear i'll swing
a smokin lamp at their forehead, then lite a menthol an spit on the unconscious
disrespectin how i live mine, i pay taxes fo this shit?
i won't ask you for a dime (laughs) ( "an 1/8?" )
broke as smoke
pride unrevoked
proved my anger so i spat n then satiated my synapses with another rip.
sweat drips
i'm so...
h i
i plateau (3rd)
fall back out the sky straight fly like a zipper (laughs, "503?")
health hazard like a tripper
enhanced an hot n ready libido of a stripper
(i n h a l e )
cash it
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(this inspired by the first amendment, (c)2011* A.M.I.(r) Aspiring Minds Inquire/S. Williamson
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